Baby Range


The complete Baby Range of essential oils
Roller bottle blends: 10ml x 4




Essential oils:
Cardamom decongestant, eases bronchitis, antibacterial
Frankincense eases coughs, may relieve asthma symptoms


Essential oils:
Lavender calming & soothing, helps with sleep
Frankincense eases irritability, decreases restlessness, relaxing


Essential oils:
Cardamom helps digestion, calms ‘nervy tummy’ (colic), eases abdominal pain, helps hiccups
Fennel digestive system support, dissipates gassy tummy, good for tummy aches


Essential oils:
Lavender calms & soothes
Siberian Fir reduces and eases inflammation

Ingredient(s) and usage sheet supplied with your products

Dilution rates: 1 drop of each essential oil per 10ml of fractionated coconut oil

*All oils are for ages 3 months and upwards

*I blend the oils in the set to order.
By agreeing to purchase you are responsible for the safe use of oils on your baby