All Bodies Yoga

For me, yoga is life. My acronym is Your Own Great Approach  – it is as unique and varied as you are.


You may have heard the phrase ‘take your practice off the mat’. Well, this is why yoga has been so important for me over the years.

I started practicing yoga in my mid 20s where it was all about the pose- how deep I could go and what I looked like in the asana. Now it is all about feeling where my ‘edge’ is and exploring the sensation inside my body and not the external representation of the pose.


Having had 2 hip replacements I have had to adapt my practice and therefore understand other people’s challenges.


There are many different styles, disciplines and approaches to yoga. Some purists may say it has been watered down. Personally I like the fact that we can take an ancient approach and make it accessible to many.


Choosing a yoga teacher and suitable class can be a minefield. Quite often it is whether it suits your schedule and location. Sometimes it is because a friend has recommended it and that is how my yoga community has grown. Students have become friends and vice versa.

It is important  to be curious about how your body moves and changes as we age. The yoga I teach is a fusion of exploratory movement with yoga principles with a strong focus on breathwork and relaxation. No class is the same.

Offering alternatives is vital to keep students safe and make sure they find pleasure in the movement, otherwise what’s the point?


Yoga for all bodies takes place at Stamford United Reformed Church Hall on Broad Street in Stamford on Wednesdays at 9.30am and Thursdays at 4pm.

Cash only

£13 single class

£11 per class paid in full per calendar month (e.g. a 4 week month is £44)

Vibrant Woman Yoga

I found Well Woman Yoga a perfect way to relax, de stress and steal back some time for myself. At the same time, these classes are very invigorating and very cleansing. On line classes are a new way of working but I found it very successful. Julie gives such clear instruction that you can very easily follow along and actually I think it’s good to teach yourself that relaxation in your own home is possible. Thank you Julie, perfect!

Shelley Sim

Pelvic Floor Health

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, delivered in a very nurturing and informative way. I have carried on with all the exercises taught and I am pleased to say no panty liners for me anymore!! Tena Lady has lost a customer :-)!!


Vibrant Woman Yoga

I love Julie’s well woman yoga classes. Julie is an excellent teacher and manages to deliver the class with a warm positive energy, giving everyone personal attention even though we are all in our own homes. I really enjoyed the variety of yoga each week and the space for deep stretches and relaxation. I highly recommend it.

Rebecca Cotter

Vibrant Woman Yoga

Before starting this class, I was slightly skeptical about the benefits it might bring me, but I knew that I was looking for something to further support me through lockdown. I could not have been more wrong. Julie is an incredible teacher. She is totally clear in her instruction, extremely knowledgeable about the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of each action and gently humorous in her approach. There is no embarrassment, just total support specifically focused for women. The relaxation at the end of sessions is exactly what I was looking for; it has helped me by providing the emotional support that I was lacking in lockdown.