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Hello. I’m Julie!

I’m Julie Bickerton, here to support and nurture you throughout pregnancy, postnatally and through menopause.

My philosophy is to promote positive touch and accessible yoga. Providing a safe space where we can be honest and open about our experiences as women and building a community where friendships are made.

After my training as a baby massage instructor and having my son, my fascination with babies continued to grow and broaden.

Now in my midlife I am expanding my experience to support women through this period of their incredible lives.

I feel very lucky in my vocation. I love what I do and I continue to learn from every woman and baby that I meet.


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I believe that our major transitions as women throughout our lives are often shrouded in secrecy, unrealistic expectations, social media driven perfection, lack of support and an overload of misinformation. Along with all the other responsibilities this can create anxiety, exhaustion and comparison with others which leads to a downward spiral in confidence within yourself and your ability as a mother (not to mention all the other roles we have to ‘play’ and switch between).

We continue to evolve trying to make sense of how huge these changes are and being expected to accept all of the above.

Let’s sweep aside all that. At your core you are still YOU. Amazing YOU with a lifetime of experiences (notice I didn’t say baggage) which you bring to motherhood.

I believe we need a supportive and nurturing environment in order to flourish through these transitions. As we move away from the fold of our families, we need to create another village to help raise our children and to find kindred spirits who share our approach to life and parenting.

I believe by finding this community we can share information (and not rely on google), responsibilities, stories, ideas and offload worries in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

I believe that these major transitions naturally lead to major transformations as a woman. Through this we are looking for support and signposts; ways of raising our spirits as well as our children. You are your baby’s source and you need that nurturing. This may not be found through the conventional avenues of healthcare.

Instead, sharing a deep connection to yourself and your family through an accessible and fun experience of massage and movement. Simplicity is the key to help reduce physical discomforts. The smallest adjustment can bring the greatest of change. Honesty means we can be more accepting of ourselves and of others.


Laughter raises us out of the pit

Connection through touch brings great waves of joy. Stillness gives us chance to stop and breathe.  Movement through playful yoga brings ease in our body and reminds us that we are indeed powerful beings of creation!

I love dancing (hosting The Cosmic Kitchen Disco with Nicola Smith or Embodied Living), wild swimming (I set up a community of wild swimming friends which collectively we are known as The Wild Women of the Waters), singing (with The WaWa Women) and acroyoga (with Acro Alchemy). This makes me feel alive and connected to myself and others.

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