One to One

About One to One

My training in holistic therapies:

Pregnancy Massage | Reflexology | Indian head massage |  Therapeutic massage | Thai massage | Aromatherapy | No Hands Massage | Reiki | Closing the Bones
…means that I bring a wide variety of experience to every woman that I have the privilege of working closely with.

The power of positive touch coupled with my continuing education of women’s health issues gives you an opportunity for deep healing and offers solutions to many feminine concerns.

One to One

I sought out the help of Julie as I thought I had never been quite right since the birth of my last child (7 years ago) and I had unexpected pain in my abdomen. Doctors could find no cause of pain so I felt it was a muscular skeletal problem which does not show up on their tests. 3 months of daily exercises have completely changed my abdomen. I’ve worked on Julie’s exercises and managed to also sort out a long standing shoulder problem while I was fixing my core. There will never be a time in my future when I do not practice yoga now. Thank you for the gift of body knowledge.


One to One

In August 2020 I experienced an incredibly traumatic birth with my son that resulted in a full blood transfusion and time in ICU, along with an extended period in hospital away from him. Once I got home, rather than enjoying my new born I was beginning to experience increasing anxiety, fear and depression. A number of friends had recommended Julie and I was also aware of her work from the yoga community, so I approached her for some support. Upon meeting I immediately felt at ease-Julie has an incredibly warm, nurturing and kind soul and welcomed me with open arms. We spent time talking through my experience before working through some of the physical and psychological effects of childbirth. Her hands-on approach was incredibly nurturing and I felt truly heard and held. She truly is a Mother in every sense of the word and I cant recommend her highly enough to expectant and new mothers.


One to One

I had a one to one massage session with Julie when I was heavily pregnant and in a lot of pain with my hands. Not only was it a lovely relaxing experience when I was playing the waiting game but the massage and DoTerra cream really helped my painful hands and she also trained my partner Dan to do the hand massage for me afterwards. Julie’s endless dedication to women’s wellbeing is priceless, she cares and reassures and also provides practical exercises and tips to assist post birth recovery. I left each class feeling positive, charged up and back on track – enough to keep me going until the next class. Massive thank you Julie!