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I am Julie Bickerton, previously Nomad Therapy and Baby Nomad, dedicated to guiding and caring for you during pregnancy, postnatal stages, and throughout menopause.

At the core of my approach is the advocacy for positive touch and inclusive yoga, fostering a secure environment where we can openly share our experiences as women and foster a sense of community, leading to lasting friendships.

My journey began with training as a baby massage instructor, and as a mother, my interest in the world of infants deepened. Now, in my midlife, I am expanding my expertise to support women through this remarkable phase of their lives.

I consider myself fortunate to have found my calling. I am passionate about what I do, continuously learning and growing through each encounter with women and babies.

About Me

Holistic Therapies
Swedish Massage
Sport Massage
Thai Massage
No Hands Massage
Closing the Bones
Teacher Training (Birthlight)
Infant Massage
Post Natal Yoga
Baby Yoga
Well Woman Yoga
The 3rd Age (Burrell Education)
Caeasaren healing
Yoga for Breast Health
Diastasis Recti healing

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